We are a husband and wife photography duo that specialize in Senior Portraits, Weddings and Couples.

Crabill Photo Co. is based in Mid-Missouri.


+ We’ve been together for 9 years, married for 5

+ We have 3 fur babies - Bun, Wednesday and Mavis. 

+ We’re both super introverted but if you saw us together you’d never guess it. 

+ We’re absolute weirdos 

+ Polaroids are one of our favorite things ever. We have a whole board in our apartment full of them. 

+ We have two matching tattoos. Cringy? Probably. 

+ We met on Facebook back in 2012. Def cringy. 

+ Our favorite date nights consist of Chinese food and horror movies. 

+ We love playing Xbox. One of the first things that we bonded over was Halo 3. 

+ If we’re not at a session/working or at home being couch potatoes, we love going to concerts. Anytime our favorite bands go on tour we can’t contain our excitement #elderemos